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  Hi! Welcome to my homepage. As you may have guessed, my name is Sarah. I've lived in Fairbanks, Alaska for all of my 25 years (and, based on Will's and my land purchase in January of 2004, the entirety of however many remaining years I possess) and, unlike many people, I actually like it. Despite the heinously long winter, I always appreciate Alaska's rugged wilderness, independent spirit, and relatively low population density. There's nothing like a visit to the highways of the Lower 48 to make me appreciate Fairbanks "traffic" (or lack thereof).
And as I mentioned above, I have land now. Eight gorgeous acres upon which I intend to be the neighborhood hermit, snarling and spitting at all visitors and practicing my slingshot aim on the neighbors... ok, well, I guess not that bad, but whatever. Head to my house building page to check out our progress! We spent the summer of 2004 clearing and starting on the 40'x32' garage with an apartment up top. The important part of this is the 40'x32' GARAGE in which we can have TOOLS and mechanical STUFF and do cool SHOP things and be, like, mechanically adept!

I have a lot of updates that need to be done just to the main building page, but we are now, in fact, done with building the house. You can still check the page and the building diary and photo album and such, but we are DONE. And happy about it. So onwards to the next chapter of our lives...
Growing up in a rural area outside of Fairbanks with a couple of very adventurous parents made for a diverse range of childhood experiences. We camped A LOT, which I loved, owned a plethora of animals, and somehow seem to have made a lifetime project out of building our house (which now is exquisite). Check out the link below to see some interesting animal photos (mostly dogs and horses) from my past and present.

The Menagerie

Among other things, I'm an enthusiastic amateur guitarist.
I've been playing for roughly ten years now and I am FAR from being a rockstar.

Another interest of mine is working on cars and motorcycles and other mechanical things with my dad. He and I race motorcycles in the summer. This is the 6-year-old version of me on Dad's 1987 Kawasaki Ninja ZX-R1000 (which, if you click it, will take you to my personal Tanacross page displaying pictures and stories of my own Tanacross experiences). I loved that bike. It's a bummer that it had to be sold to a moron who got it impounded within a week of purchase.

In the spring of 2000 I bought a 1983 Yamaha Virago 500 and got my first taste of racing. That winter I spent great amounts of time attempting to fix my dad's old racebike:
a 1991 Suzuki GSX-R 750.

I finally got it running (with a little... well a LOT of help from my friends... THANKS CRAIG, STEVE, AND BRENNA!) in the spring of 2002 and raced it when it wasn't breaking down for one reason or another. I think I finally got all the bugs worked out of it, though (not). Click the link to find out more about the ongoing battle to return the bike to the land of the living.

Will is actually the one working on getting it rideable again, since he tried to race it last year and we ran across a broad range of problems, most of which have, as yet, no diagnoses...

The breakdowns could have been worse, I suppose, but my dad was nice and let me ride his '99 Yamaha R-1 when the GSX-R was out of commission. Click the picture of me riding to check out the unofficial Tanacross webpage.
In more recent news, I bought a 2002 liquid silver Yamaha FZ-1 for my sexy street bike. Thank God for spring!! I've been riding it to work often now, and I do so love my bike.

Visit - the Official Tanacross Website
You can also check out my test Tanacross Page that Caro and I are using to experiment with ftp website building.
On that same note, you can check out the somewhat neglected unofficial Tanacross homepage that I created ages ago and haven't worked on in forever. There are some good pictures, I guess, though they're old...

I gave the Virago to my sister Caroline for Christmas in 2002, so she has joined the racing fray, and for Christmas 2003 we gave Dad a 2004 Yamaha R-1 (which is AWESOME!!) so I am buying the '99 R-1 off of him. What's better than having a race bike? Having TWO race bikes!! Caro has even gotten addicted and has now purchased a lovely Yamaha R-6 for an absolute song because the previous owner crashed it and so it would take a lot of money to make it street legal again. How perfect is that for a race bike?!

August 11, 2006

NEWS FLASH!!! We had a race last weekend, and on Saturday I broke 3 minutes!!! I'm so EXCITED!! Be proud of me!! Some of you might not understand or really care about the significance of that statement, so I'll quickly explain. It means I finally got my lap times under 3 minutes. Specifically, I ran a 2:57 plus some tenths and hundreths I don't recall...



In the fall of 1996 I was fortunate enough to acquire a 1969 Volkswagen Beetle in relatively good condition. As I had a couple of years left before I could drive it, it served as a lawn ornament until I was 16, at which point my dad and I pulled the engine and tore it ALL the way down. Fun? You bet!

Click Below to See My Car Project Page

So, now you've witnessed the fact that I work on mechanical things, and I must spend some time on my webpage. Obviously. This may raise the question, "Is this poor girl really the lifeless cretin that she appears to be? Or is the apparent social outcast just using this pathetic image to get sympathy? IS IT ALL A FAÇADE??"
Sadly, no, it's not a façade, but I still have friends! Click the picture of me partying it up to view more aspects of my wildly zany social life!

While on the subject of my social status that borders on absolute celebrity, I feel that I should mention that I have managed to convince ONE male of my species (what do you mean "which species?"???) that I am not, in reality, a cerebrally deficient leper. I'm not sure he totally believed me, but he is truly forgiving of my incessant shortcomings to the point where he agreed to marry me. But in all seriousness, we are truly happy together and can't wait to get married. June 10, 2005 will be the day to remember! So check out my engagement page to see pictures of Will, the ring, and my dress! Oh, and there's a picture of my sister (ewwwwww!) in her maid of honor dress from her friend Shira's wedding. Cool stuff!

August 11, 2006

And on that same note, you can also see our wedding page!! It has some pictures and stuff... still needs a lot of updating that I will get to if I ever have spare time again...


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