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Welcome to my shrine to my never ending motorcycle project! I've actually had the bike running for some time now, but considering that the pictures below are from the winter of 2000-2001, it took WAY too long for my taste...

     As can be seen from the pictures, lots was done. The point of the whole activity was to pull the heads and put in some new valves. I don't have a handy picture of it (I know, I suck), but the old valves were mushrooming quite dramatically. Once we had the engine pulled and the heads removed, I took them to Darby's Performance Machine to get the new valves installed. Thank you Steve and all others who were involved! The Gixer runs quite nicely now (though it occasionally has its days...) and I almost beat 3 minutes last year at Tanacross! Think I ran a 3:02 and a 3:03 or something. Woohoo!



May 5, 2006

Well, the Suzuki is back to being broken down (has been for a couple years now), but we're trying to get it going for Will this year. Such is life...
     But the newest addition to the collection now is not a motorcycle, but a transportation device! Check out (insert "dun dun DUN" here)

Our new trailer!


     This thing rocks...

August 14, 2006

     Well, another racing season is at an end, and as you may have seen on the main page, I broke three minutes this year. This is very exciting for me. However, the poor Suzuki to which this page is devoted made it to the races seeming like all was well, only to quickly begin to make new and alarming noises, and thus is back in the shed... lord knows when we'll ever have time to work on it again. Maybe this winter after we've finished with the house. That's supposed to be happening within the next month, so we'll see...

July 19, 2007

     Ok, so this time around, 3rd gear on the R-1 went out! Will and I have been sharing it for a couple years now, so it's had a lot of extra wear and tear on it, plus it's been raced for 8 years with little more than oil changes ever done to it, so it finally threw in the towel and said "if you don't do some maintenance NOW you don't get to RACE anymore!" so we're doing a tranny rebuild. The problem is that the next race is in less than 2 and a half weeks, and we still have to pull the engine, tear it apart, dismantle the tranny, figure out what we need to replace, order it, get it, install it, and then put the engine back together and back into the bike. All in 2 weeks. Not that I'm WORRIED or anything! *sigh* In the meantime, here are the pictures of what I got done on it last night:

     So, that's the current issue with bikes. Stay tuned for further stories and pictures of the progress, and wish us luck!

July 25, 2007

     Alrighty, another update on the bike: we got the engine out last night! Yay!

We still have lots left to do... next up is splitting the case to get to the tranny and then figuring out what's wrong there and what we need to order. We can hope for the best, but we have about one week left before it needs to be fully reassembled and loaded in the trailer. Good lord... is it possible?
Anyway, not to be too dismal... here are some more pictures!

July 27, 2007

Alrighty, in light of the R-1 engine difficulties we have experienced, Will and I opted to buy the new racebike that we were going to get next spring a tad early:

This is our 2007 Suzuki GSX-R750 that we bought yesterday from Northern Power Sports here in town. I got some pictures of the actual bike in our garage, but I forgot my camera at home so I can't upload them right now. I'll update this when I get a chance. So, we're pretty excited!

July 28, 2007

Ok, first of all, happy birthday, Dad!
That said, here are the pictures I actually took of the bike Will and I now own:

I know it really doesn't look all that different from the ad picture I posted above, but it's in OUR garage! I've RIDDEN it! It is severely punishing on the street! It'll be amazing on the track the way it corners, but Caro and I took a motorcycle ride out to Harding Lake the day Will and I bought the Suzuki with Caro riding my FZ-1 and me on the GSX-R; by the time we got there my neck was all stiff, my throttle hand was going to sleep, my right wrist was killing me, my butt was asleep, my legs and feet were going to sleep, and my knees were trying to cramp. Definitely not fun for road trips... but awesome all the same!

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