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House Building Progress
Monday, November 6, 2006
Success... sorta...
Well, I finally got my stove hooked up! Will and I had bacon and eggs for breakfast and pancakes for dinner yesterday, all home cooked! It was wonderful. And there is an interesting story behind the whole stove story, so there is a double-benefit! Sorta. :)

Anyway, I was working on getting the last of the connections done on Friday so I could test and fire it up. Got them all on, turned on the propane, and mixed up some soap and water to put on the connections to make sure they weren't leaking. Found a couple leaks and pretty well fixed them, then ran upstairs to test the burners. After some clicking to get propane through all the internals of the stove, they fired up and looked lovely. Next I wanted to test the oven burner, since baking is once of my favorite activities. Fired it up, and saw the glow begin down under the baffles. Then the glow was augmented by large flames licking up the walls of the interior of the stove. I was not sure this was such a good thing, but wondered if it was just a firing up thing and it would die back down. I let it burn for probably another 10 seconds before deciding I should shut it off and look in the directions to see if it was normal. As I reached for the button to turn the burner off, I heard kind of an ominous rush of air, which, it turned out, immediately preceded the sudden "FWOOOSH!!" of flame right up into my face. That was exciting. Even more exciting was looking down at the floor and seeing a piece of paper on fire. Stomped that out, thinking "Dang, that coulda been bad!" and then, to my extreme consternation, I saw flickering light back behind the stove where I could not reach it. Besides that the fire extinguisher was downstairs. I don't think my exclamation was even coherent - just more of an "AAAGH!!!", followed by my immediate exodus from the kitchen, down the stairs, out to the propane tank to shut it off, back inside, kicking the dogs outside as I went, and across the garage to grab the fire extinguisher. With that in hand, I turned and bolted upstairs, which was difficult because the only shoes I'd had quick access to were Will's oversized sandals. Those reacted to my energetic stair climbing activity by flying off my feet and tripping me, so I fell down on the stairs with my arm safely cushioning the 10lb fire extinguisher. That hurt, but I jumped up like a trooper and rushed up the remainder of the stairs. Upon reaching the stove, I noted that the fire was out - probably went out when I turned off the propane. Upon pulling the stove out from the wall, I observed a large black spot on the kitchen wall and floor directly around the 90 degree connector coming up through the subfloor. Seems it had a leak. However, that was not the cause of the large flames within the oven. That, I found, was just a result of some somewhat less-than-clear directions included with the conversion kit that we got for the stove to make it compatible with propane rather than the natural gas for which it was designed. After fixing the minor difference in the settings, the oven burned normally and no further fires resulted. But that was my exciting weekend. I'm too tired at the moment to really want to go into any more detail at the moment, so that will do for now. Ciao!

Posted by ak/sarahbug at 8:53 AM YST
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