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House Building Progress
Wednesday, February 27, 2008
Ok, I KNOW I wrote a huge post the other day, yet now all it says is "null"; I have no clear recollection of what I wrote, though it involved the story of Tucker bucking me off and causing me to separate my shoulder... very strange, and kinda frustratng...

Posted by ak/sarahbug at 11:30 AM YST
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Monday, February 5, 2007
'Tis Official
Alright, we finished building and were all excited, but as of Thursday 2/1/07, it's official! We went to the bank and signed all our mortgage, long-term loan papers, so even the BANK says we're done! That means that the little things like trim touch-ups and stuff can be done at our own pace with NO pressure or STRESS. We just pay our mortgage and live our lives in our comfy house and get on with just living and being married. Finally.. a year and a half in and we can finally maybe do some work on US. Hope it helps...

Posted by ak/sarahbug at 2:17 PM YST
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Tuesday, January 30, 2007
We're DONE!!!
Mood:  celebratory
Holy COW... I am still rather in shock, and the fact that we really are pretty much done has not sunk in in the least... we have a couple touch-up kind of things left to do, but as long as the bank passes us as done, we can do those at a slightly more leisurely pace than we've done everything else. I emailed out my photo album of the finished house, and I'll post the included pictures to my building page. Yay! Life can return to NORMAL!!!

Posted by ak/sarahbug at 11:40 AM YST
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Thursday, January 18, 2007
The Final Stages
Mood:  celebratory
Ok, we are within the final two weeks of construction - FINALLY. I scheduled our final appraisal for Monday the 29th of January. Remaining to be done, we have to finish taping the entryway and garage, then do all the mudding. The garage and laundry room only need one coat of the mud because I'm not painting those, but the entryway needs probably at least 3 coats. Then I have to paint that - probably a coat or two... I also need to start painting the boards for the exterior window and door trim so we can get all that put up. The rest of the interior trim has to go up: the master bedroom ceiling, door, and closet; bathroom floor pieces, a couple of fixes on ceiling pieces, and the closet; a fix on the hallway ceiling piece that's all funky; finish ceiling trim around the kitchen and pantry; floor trim around all the doors that aren't trimmed yet (i.e. closets and the main entry door); and all through the entryway... gotta install the main entry door... then there are still a few sheet rock patches to be done, such as the hole in the kitchen ceiling where we were going to put a light, and some screws that didn't get covered by door trim. Then all the patches have to be painted. We have to put up the under-cabinet lights, which will be quick, and patch a couple of various silicone spots in the bathroom, and put up some shelves in the bathroom closet, part of the master bedroom closet, and the pantry, and install all the closet doors in the bedrooms. Then we just have to get everything all cleaned up and ready for the appraiser, and we're DONE. Not too long a list, right? :) Wish us luck!

Posted by ak/sarahbug at 12:31 PM YST
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Tuesday, December 19, 2006
We Have A Shower!
Yay! What a great birthday present! Will and I finally have a shower installed in our house! It's quite nice, too, because we have such great water pressure. It's all nice and warm with plenty of water pressure and we can be clean in our own place without having to go elsewhere to seek showering facilities! And stuff...
Other than that, things have kinda been on hold for the last week before Christmas because there is so much to do with presents and packages to mail and such. I believe the plan is to hit it hard again after Christmas in an attempt to get done by the end of January. Let's see... what do we have left...? The biggest thing is still the garage ceiling sheet rock, followed by the remaining sheet rock to be installed in the laundry room and entryway. After that, the next fun will be taping and mudding all that sheet rock (especially the garage ceiling...) and then painting the entryway. We've got the upstairs door still to install, and all the lights in the garage and entryway and laundry room to install. There is also trim to be installed in the master bedroom, a few more pieces to be put up once the remaining cabinets are in in the kitchen, a piece in the hallway to be fixed, and a few in teh bathroom that need to be fixed. Then more trim needs to go in the entryway and some touch-up must be done on a few already installed pieces of ceiling and window trim. Closet doors and trim need to be installed, as well as the shelves in the bathroom closet, and the pantry construct must be created and installed. Hmm... what else...? A few paint touch-ups remain, as well as some small mudding and sheet rock patching spots (including the hole in the kitchen ceiling), and those will all need to be painted once they're patched. I think that's about it for what's REQUIRED, but after all that and the acquisition of the mortgage, I imagine our next project will be the construction of workbenches and storage shelves and cabinets down in the garage since we have tools to store and mechanical and woodworking projects to tackle over the years. Good god... I'd better start making a list of everything I just put in here so we can get back to scratching stuff off that is done and give ourselves hope for being done... *sigh* Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, all. Hope yours is more relaxing than mine...

Posted by ak/sarahbug at 1:56 PM YST
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Tuesday, December 5, 2006
Good God...
Are we ever going to be done?? I am soooo tired of building, as, I know, is Will. All we want to do is be able to sit down, relax, and enjoy the Christmas season and weekends and such times as we are not at work. It's just rather draining...
On the plus side, the dishwasher is installed! So not only do we have heat, hot water, and sorta almost a shower, we have an easier method for cleaning our dishes! oo! And an entertainment center!! A very nice one that we got used for a song - it's probably actually only 6 months old, and in excellent condition. So that's nice. The TV is off the floor.
Not much else to type at the moment... ceiling trim looks nice... coming right along...

Posted by ak/sarahbug at 10:12 AM YST
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Thursday, November 16, 2006
Almost heated
The boiler fires! That's the good news! We actually got it warmed up to 135 degrees F last night. Unfortunately, the boiler is still not pulling the fuel from the tank. I have to have the oil filter full to get it to run for 2 minutes. So that's our next hurdle - get the boilder to pull the oil from the tank so that we can get SUSTAINABLE heat, rather than heat for 2 minutes at a time that needs constant regulation and refilling of the filter. *sigh* So we'll get there, I guess... we hope.

Posted by ak/sarahbug at 9:56 AM YST
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Friday, November 10, 2006
An amusing anecdote...
It would have been more fitting for me to put this one in directly after the entry remarking on our lack of connectors and such, but I didn't think of it, so now it gets to go here. Suppose I could change the post date, but that would be falsification of information, now, wouldn't it? So let's not do that.
Anyway, I took my regulator and my flex connector, and my needed adaptor and went to Amerigas last Friday. I pulled up to the building, got everything together, and went to the door. At the door, I observed a sticky note on the door saying "Went to the post office." This was frustrating, but in retrospect it is also very amusing because it reminds me specifically of My Cousin Vinny when Vinny's suit falls in the mud, and he tries to get it cleaned, but the drycleaner's was closed for the flu. Thus he came to court in his goofy getup from a second hand costume shop. "So I wore this rediculous thing... for you"

Posted by ak/sarahbug at 10:13 AM YST
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Progress and hope!!
Ok, so yesterday I put together a list of the remaining stuff we have to do on the house. Then I decided to put it to more of a timeline. Now we have basically a schedule of the remainder of our work on the house - and if we can stick to it, we will be done by December 1!! How cool is that??? And it looks fairly realistic, too! It will be killer hard work, but it is do-able, plausible, and QUITE exciting! Plus it helps me to have sort of a checklist of what to get done so that it gives me more focus and motivation rather than just feeling overwhelmed and unsure of where to start.
The goal for this weekend is to get the heat going downstairs, and as of last night, the boiler was merely waiting on its oil line hookups and the installation of the remainder of the exhaust stack, and then we can fire it up and hope it works! I have the two downstairs zones (the garage floor heat and the water heater) wired into the controller, the controller wired to the boiler, and power wired to both the controller and the boiler. So this weekend will largely be a boiler weekend, because I'll probably also try to get the rest of the zones wired up to the controller. Then we just need to get the thermostats installed upstairs and get the pex run from the supply manifold up to the baseboard units, and back down to the return manifold, and then we can also have heat upstairs. With the water heater hooked up, we should soon be able to have a shower and a dishwasher, which will rock. Also this weekend, Mom will be over there helping get trim up, which will be awesome as well. There is a lot left to do, but I think we can get it done! Yay!!

Posted by ak/sarahbug at 9:55 AM YST
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Monday, November 6, 2006
Success... sorta...
Well, I finally got my stove hooked up! Will and I had bacon and eggs for breakfast and pancakes for dinner yesterday, all home cooked! It was wonderful. And there is an interesting story behind the whole stove story, so there is a double-benefit! Sorta. :)

Anyway, I was working on getting the last of the connections done on Friday so I could test and fire it up. Got them all on, turned on the propane, and mixed up some soap and water to put on the connections to make sure they weren't leaking. Found a couple leaks and pretty well fixed them, then ran upstairs to test the burners. After some clicking to get propane through all the internals of the stove, they fired up and looked lovely. Next I wanted to test the oven burner, since baking is once of my favorite activities. Fired it up, and saw the glow begin down under the baffles. Then the glow was augmented by large flames licking up the walls of the interior of the stove. I was not sure this was such a good thing, but wondered if it was just a firing up thing and it would die back down. I let it burn for probably another 10 seconds before deciding I should shut it off and look in the directions to see if it was normal. As I reached for the button to turn the burner off, I heard kind of an ominous rush of air, which, it turned out, immediately preceded the sudden "FWOOOSH!!" of flame right up into my face. That was exciting. Even more exciting was looking down at the floor and seeing a piece of paper on fire. Stomped that out, thinking "Dang, that coulda been bad!" and then, to my extreme consternation, I saw flickering light back behind the stove where I could not reach it. Besides that the fire extinguisher was downstairs. I don't think my exclamation was even coherent - just more of an "AAAGH!!!", followed by my immediate exodus from the kitchen, down the stairs, out to the propane tank to shut it off, back inside, kicking the dogs outside as I went, and across the garage to grab the fire extinguisher. With that in hand, I turned and bolted upstairs, which was difficult because the only shoes I'd had quick access to were Will's oversized sandals. Those reacted to my energetic stair climbing activity by flying off my feet and tripping me, so I fell down on the stairs with my arm safely cushioning the 10lb fire extinguisher. That hurt, but I jumped up like a trooper and rushed up the remainder of the stairs. Upon reaching the stove, I noted that the fire was out - probably went out when I turned off the propane. Upon pulling the stove out from the wall, I observed a large black spot on the kitchen wall and floor directly around the 90 degree connector coming up through the subfloor. Seems it had a leak. However, that was not the cause of the large flames within the oven. That, I found, was just a result of some somewhat less-than-clear directions included with the conversion kit that we got for the stove to make it compatible with propane rather than the natural gas for which it was designed. After fixing the minor difference in the settings, the oven burned normally and no further fires resulted. But that was my exciting weekend. I'm too tired at the moment to really want to go into any more detail at the moment, so that will do for now. Ciao!

Posted by ak/sarahbug at 8:53 AM YST
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