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Welcome to my car rebuild page! This was the project I lived and breathed the winter I turned 17 because I was a junior in high school with a driver's license and NO CAR. Needless to say I put the pressure on my dad a little bit to show me the ropes so I could get my car fixed up.

This picture is actually the day I brought the car home when I was 14. Yes, it actually sat in my yard for 3 years before I rebuilt the engine, but I had other cars to drive at the time...

Here are some pictures from the thorough rebuild the VW's engine received. Note the awesome blue I painted the tin..

Roughly 6 months after I got the engine rebuilt and had the car on the road, the fuel pump went out while I was driving it. Knew we should have replaced that... I got the car towed home, but apparently the guy who towed it didn't know that Beetles are rear wheel drive because he lifted it from the front and somehow put it in either first or second gear. He then proceeded to tow it to my house, averaging speeds of 45-55 mph the whole way. I didn't realize he had done this since he lied on the receipt. I realized I had a problem when I installed the new fuel pump and the clutch wouldn't disengage. My dad was out of town at the time, so when he got back we got to pull the engine AGAIN, and guess what we found? Here are some pictures of what was a perfectly good 6-month-old clutch...

Ugly, aren't they? Fortunately, with the help of these pictures, we were able to convince the manager of the towing company that the destroyed clutch was not my doing and they paid for the whole thing. To my relief, my car was back on the road in a relatively short period of time.

July 23, 2004

     Sooooo... now that it's waaaaay later after that whole incident... I am looking at having a garage by some time this winter, into which I intend to pull my lovely little car and give it that much needed TLC it has been craving. For some reason while I was last driving it (at least a year and a half ago) or at some point thereafter, a hole developed in the carbeurator which makes it run a little bit rough... so I need to fix that. Point being, there will soon be new pictures of my bug on this page, this time with it parked in my new pretty garage (if it gets done this year... *crossed fingers*)!

August 14, 2006

HAHAHAHAHAHA!! I am SOOO FUNNY!!! Ahem... sooo... a garage in 2004? Not quite... but man, MAYBE this winter... possibly...? I hope... yeah...


February 5, 2007

Well, the house is finished, we have a garage, and the theory of time now, so I hope to get the bug pulled in soon for some much needed TLC here soon. I got a new fuel pump and fuel filter in my stocking for Christmas, and once we get some stuff straightened up, there's more than enough room in the garage for me to pull the engine and get working. I can't wait to have my bug back, so I better get going! I'll keep update pictures on here once the updates begin. Stay tuned!

May 23, 2007

Ok, the Bug has been in the garage for a little while now, and I've gotten a couple things taken apart; once they were dismantled, I decided to put off the main engine tune-up until this winter, meaning that I did not, indeed, need to remove the things from the engine that I had. So on Monday night I decided to adjust the valves, change the oil, and, if there was time, install the new fuel pump. In the course of trying to adjust the first cylinder valves, I realized that I had made the rookie mistake of cranking the engine to the #2 cylinder firing position when trying to adjust the #1 valves. Go me. Fixed that, and after that, the valve adjustment went smoothly, with very little adjustment actually needed. I went to change the oil and saw that we'd put the oil pan heater back on the car, which I had forgotten about. Unfortunately, the heater blocked the oil plug under the car, so I obviously had to remove it in order to drop the oil. I was halfway through removing it when I noted that only three of the nuts holding the oil strainer on actually held the oil pan heater, so I proceeded to focuz on loosening them. Then I though "I should tighten up those other ones..." just as the oil strainer dropped half an inch and started dumping oil all over me, the creeper, and the garage floor. Again, go me. So it was generally a successful night - at least I'm started! And I took some pictures that I will attempt to remember to include here sometime. So more mechanical stories to come!

July 19, 2007... AAARRRGGGGGHHH!!!!!!

Well, I'm ready to post my pictures that don't show QUITE how far I've gotten... but that aside, the bug is still not running because I either have a corroded fuel line, or the fuel tank has completely rusted through. I found this out when I was pouring some gas into the tank, and after I'd gotten through about half the gas can, I heard the sound of running water coming from somewhere. I stopped pouring and tracked the sound under the front end of my car. Sure enough, all the gas I had just poured in was emptying itself back out onto the garage floor. I was thrilled. Really. And with the bike crap going on and a bunch of other stuff, I haven't gotten to crawl under and find what exactly it is that I need to fix. If it's just a fuel line, it'll be fast and easy (probably) and so I could, in theory, have the car running very soon. If it's the tank... well, that's another story...
In the meantime, here are the pictures I promised 2 months ago!

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