Da Wedding Stories

Da Wedding!

Wow! We've been married for days! ( months!)

     So, as of June 10, 2005, Will and I are married! The wedding was beautiful, and the reception was SUCH a party! I have had so many people tell me that it was the best party they've ever been to! I know I had a good time. Over time I will work to include more pictures, or perhaps some form of photo album. I will probably convert my wedding blog into a "married life" blog instead, since everyone keeps asking "how's married life?" The simple fact is that, at the moment, we're spending so much time building and we have completely opposite schedules, so we rarely see each other. It's really quite sad, because it still seems strange to me that as of today (October 12, 2005) it is STILL weird to think that I am married because I never see my husband!



August 10, 2006

     Ok, be PROUD!! I finally got the disposable cameras from the wedding developed. Granted, it's now been exactly a year and two months since the wedding, but at least I finally did it! So, here are a few pictures, which I will annotate to some degree or another.


First up: the wedding cake, which was so beauteously hand crafted by Will's sister Mary and decorated with flowers by my aunts Marilyn and Dee.

It's actually kinda crappy looking right now as I've not yet Photo Shopped the picture, but I will and then I'll repost it. I actually must put several of these through PhotoShop as they came out kinda grainy and the alignment is often strange, but they were disposable cameras in the hands of the observers!!

Ok, next is the best man, Keith:

'Nuff said...

And here are Will and Keith together! Aren't they CUTE?!


Awww.. and here are my bridesmaids singing along with our first song - it was so romantic! heh...

     Ok, so those are about all of the picture I want to put up for now because they all need work. I SWEAR I will update this again at some point. The idea is that we'll be done with the house here pretty soon, so I should have time after that. I hope. So there ya go! Stay tuned! Don't give up on me!!

May 23, 2007

Holy cow! We've almost been married for TWO YEARS!! In a way it doesn't feel remotely like it's been that long, and in other ways (both good and headachey...) it feels like it's been way longer... but overall I think we're happy and doing well. It's wonderful to have the house done and have more time to just relax a little. We're still hoping at SOME point to be able to do a second honeymoon...

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