My Glorious Relatives and Other Various Bits of Family Unit

     Yup, this page is devoted to my beloved, goofball family. Primarily, I'll just share pictures and various entertaining stories, since the mere quantity of pictures in my and my parents' immediate possession(s) more than warrants the creation of a tribute page to our general insanity.

     Being as this factor of my youth is of astronomical importance, I will start off my tribute with a picture of my mother Kathy and me on horseback:

Now, if you just came here from the Menagerie page, I realize that you clicked on this exact picture to get here, but I like it, so deal.


The next picture is my daddy:

Ok, so you can't really see his face because of the helmet, but that's my dad, ok? The blue bike he's on is the 1999 Yamaha R1 that I am now in the process of buying off of him because he has a gorgeous 2004 R1.

July 25, 2007

Wow, haven't updated this in forever... guess I couldn't think of much to add at any point, nor did I have time.
Anyway, I wanted to include the pictures I got of Mom and Dad's brand new property out at Harding Lake! Caro and I are super excited about this because we always loved playing at Harding, and now we have a family place to do it!

Here is the motorhome parked out on the property.

You can see Brewski is there yearning for more time in the lake. He loves to swim...





Isn't it spectacular? I'll get plenty more scenic pictures as we progress with it...


And now, to break the relaxing, somnolent mood of the lake...




A shot of me in my sexy Alaskan attire, digging the hole for the outhouse:

Really classes the place up, doesn't it? God I'm fat... :p



Here are some pictures of us building our initial makeshift dock, which we referred to as the "white trash boardwalk" because it was made out of pallets and spare boards that we used to cross the muddy, reedy section between the gravel beach and the actual lake.

And here is the glorious finished product!

But, once done with the beauty that was our boardwalk, we could play!

Also, in our defense, we put an actual dock in on Sunday that we got from Gary, so the white trash dock is no more. But we had to have pictures!


Labor Day Weekend 2007

We all camped out at the lake for Labor Day this year, and it was a gorgeous weekend! Will and I took our camper up there, which was very nice to have.


And here's a shot of our very NON-white trash dock, though it's through the trees and kinda hard to see in detail...

You can see a bright orange thing sorta on the dock - that's the inflatable kiak Mom just got which is great for idle floating in the sun! I love it...

On Saturday night, we were told there were to be fireworks to watch, so we started a very pleasant bonfire down on the beach by the lake, settled into our chairs and enjoyed ourselves. It was quite a glorious evening, and the fireworks were impressive. I didn't get pictures of the fireworks, as I figured the shots wouldn't probably come out too well. I did get video, but I don't think my camera hooks to a computer. At least not that I've yet learned... but here are other pictures I got!


Sheri and Mila came out to enjoy the weekend with us, so that was very fun! Will, perhaps, had a bit TOO much fun, though he does indeed look happy!


Lake Cabin-to-be!

Will and Dad just got started on building the floor for the cabin out at the lake! It's very exciting! The picture of Will working on it will take you to the pictures:


Lake Cabin Update

June 17, 2008

Since it's been so long since I last updated the photo album for the lake cabin, I decided to start a new one since there is a pretty big gap between the last pictures and these. Follow the picture below to see the new set:

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