Friends, Parties, and Dorm Life in General

So, in spite of the amount of time I spend building my webpage and motorcycle, I actually have friends. Yes, REAL FRIENDS that are tangible and do not live only in my head. Not to belittle friends of that sort... they are important to everyone. However, this area is devoted to the friends that exist in the mutual realities of all living beings, rather than my own exclusive reality which we won't discuss.

Yeah... so...
One might ask, "what is it that she does with her friends?" An EXCELLENT question! What does ANYONE do with their friends? We hang out, go to the movies, party now and then... I also occasionally recruit them as greasemonkies for my various attempts at mechanical resurrection. Pictures of that sort can be viewed in the "project" portions of my page. This branch is devoted to the mentally exhausting (i.e. limited) array of OTHER activities. I have not yet decided how I want this to be laid out, so those of you who regularly view my page (HAHA), have patience if it changes frequently.

Let's start with my out-of-town friends. Below, from left to right, observe Ida and Trisha (exhibits A and B).

Both, at one point, were located in Massachusetts at Mt. Holyoke College and Boston University, respectively. Then, Ida was back into Massachusetts from Montpellier, France, for the end of college and graduation, and now she is back to Fairbanks, except when she is working as a teacher in Alakanak (sp??). Trisha relocated to somewhere in Kentucky (I'm a bad friend and have forgotten where exactly).

Yet another Massachusetts defector is Ree (on the right).
She is destined to be a world-famous lawyer/senator/species-that-resides in our esteemed Nation's Capitol. Either that, or she'll wind up begging on street corners or, worse, asking all customers "do you want fries with that?"
The middle friend is Beth, who I have known since my sophomore year of high school and who once dreamed of becoming a stunning concert violinist. Now she seems more interested in outdoing other hippies in their excessive consumption of fermented barley, and fiddling in front of the local Fred Meyer in the interest of obtaining spending money.



Another high school friend that I still call my "surrogate sister" is the dear Brenna.

Don't judge the picture! She is completely normal!
-Oh yeah- Check out the TATTOO! There's another on her ankle!
Speaking of tattoos, I have one on my lower back now. If I ever obtain a picture of it, I will promptly forget to post it here.
Ok, ok... I should probably put another couple pictures of her on here or she'll beat me up...

And now, with the greatest pride (because I actually remembered to scan and post it), I present to you:
My Tattoo

Yeah, I know... I'm really really white... to explain the actual design, the "P" in the middle is the Pink Floyd symbol (told you I was addicted...) and the dragon is just cool. I could claim it had some symbolic meaning to my general psyche, but that would be a blatant lie.



Another change I have recently instituted on myself (as of 1-29-05) is that I've gone red:

As you can see from the expression on my face, it has obviously made me happy...



I actually am very enthused about it. The only problem I have come across is that, as can be observed in the next photo, I have way too much hair for the amount of dye we had, so I am really only a pseudo-redhead.




At least it'll be fun for a while... bear with me, Mom!



     And yet ANOTHER change! On April 11, 2006 I went WILD and rockstar (or whatever) with my hair. I now have streaks of bright blonde and red on top, red and black in the middle, and totally black on the bottom. It's COOL! You can sorta see the black in the picture of my back when we were standing in Humpy's in Anchorage. Excellent raspberry wheat beer!
    Oh yeah, and Ree's back in town as of September 2005. Here we are chumming it up at Newy's bachelorette in Anchorage on April 15 '06. THAT was a party and a half, but for further stories there, consult Newy's page. There's a link to it on my main page.



September 8, 2006

Ok, so my cousin Laura has whined (specifically in my guest book) that she has been left out on my site, so here is Laura:

Heh... I'm evil... that's at the little 6-month-late birthday celebration that we gave her for her 21er. Ok, so here are some more flattering pictures... I took her for a ride on my motorcycle, so here is the progression of her fighting her way into Dad's motorcycle leathers and then us posing and riding off:


Here we are being tough... heh...

And off we go!


Man, I love that bike...

November 10, 2006

In further news, though to an extent it is old news, I have not yet mentioned on here that Ree, Caro, and I are taking belly dancing (a.k.a. "Rak Sharki")! We've been taking the class since this spring (January or February, I think) and intend to take it for as long as it is offered! It is really fun, and quite a workout, and I think I'm actually starting to be decent at it! I know I enjoy it, certainly. Our instructor, Lara, is very cool and patient, and seems to enjoy having some repeat enrollees in her classes. Caro and I were the only ones in there this summer, but that was really fun in itself because it was sorta like private lessons, which was very cool. So if I ever get pictures or anything, I'll add them here.



Next up, of course, is my charming and attractive boyfriend, Will.

     This is him as a cute little high schooler... *insert "awwwwww!" from appreciative observers*
     Annnnd... this is him drinking...

     I really should point out that Will is actually my fiance, since we are now engaged. See some more serious pictures of us on my  engagement page. I should specify, for those who don't know, that Will is the cutie in the center (hey, c'mon! He grew a beard, so he, like, changed!), while the psycho on the far right is my cousin-in-law, Perry. I'm the blonde thing smirking in the shadows on the left... heh... And since Perry is technically family, and Will is about to be (already acts like an annoying little brother to Caroline), you should click the picture of the three of us to find out that we aren't the only weird ones!!

Click this adorable picture of Will and his best friend Keith to go to our glorious wedding page to see more classy pictures just like this one!!

Now, at this moment I realize that this page has been largely amusing and fun, but I have to point out how incredibly important it is to have friends and loved ones in your life. However, if you are enjoying the amusement and don't want to think about "heavy stuff," avoid all such thoughts by avoiding this next link that shall discuss it at length.
Serious Stuff! Love your friends!

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