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You should, if you are interested, check out my little journal/diary thingy which will keep you posted on house headway. I will, of course, put pictures on this page, but my random journal entries will be here

     So, check it out! I finally have attached a photo album to this page so you can see what's been going on for a hundred years on my land! And, hey, someday there might even be a house there! Woohoo!

  My sister Caroline is also in the process of building a house not too far from mine, so check out Caro's Building Album.


January 30, 2007

This Is The END

We're DONE!!!! FINISHED!!! Building is NO MORE!!! Pretty much. I mean, yeah, we have a couple little finishing things to do, but nothing excessively huge, and as long as the bank is satisfied that we are finished, we can accomplish them when we FEEL like it, rather than RIGHT NOW. So, without further ado, here are a few pictures of the house (the rest can be seen in the building photo album to which a link is provided above):

First, the kitchen, with our lovely 4.5x6.5 foot island that has storage on both sides; this is followed by our dining room, furnished with my parents' old dining table that they graciously gave to Will and me. The dining room is also decorated with a small painting complements of Caroline Carter, the brilliant and upcoming young artist :)

Next is the living room, complete with very comfy furniture, a toasty woodstove, some more art, and a supremely kick-a$$ sound system!

Finally, we have the guest bedroom, including my exercise bike, which I finally have time to use again; and one of the most wonderful things in the house: the pantry that Dad built for us. The picture truly does not do it justice, but MAN is it gorgeous!!



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