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Ok, so I'm not really a rockstar at all, but I do play guitar. I bought an acoustic Ibanez just before my freshman year of college and have taken lessons, and then I went crazy and bought a Schecter electric. The rockstar thing will take a while... Here, in all their glory, are my guitars. Yes, I have a thing for blue...

During the 2002 spring semester in college, I played guitar once in a while for a local cover band called Delilah's Revival. We mostly just played coffee shops, but we got the occasional private booking for parties and the like. Other than that I like to play open mic's around town and, of course, use my guitar as entertainment at home.

I also received a beautiful Alvarez acoustic/electric for my 21st birthday from my family. That is one awesome guitar, with great sound!




    Now, you may be wondering, "Why guitar? Why not trombone or harpsichord?" Well, you're probably not wondering that, but I'm going to answer it anyway. I play guitar because I grew up listening to Pink Floyd, and I happen to think they are the world's greatest band of all time. More specifically, I play guitar because of Pink Floyd's guitarist David Gilmour. Click on the image of "Wish You Were Here" to visit the Pink Floyd Official website. And while you're at it, check out the Pink Floyd Fan Network, which is complete with guitar and bass tabs for an impressive selection of PF songs.

The Official Pink Floyd Page

     Apparently I've been remiss all these years in not listing Mark Knopfler as one of my all-time favorite guitarists. He was the lead singer/guitarist for Dire Straits before launching his solo career, which has been awesome. I've most recently seen his work in Real Live Roadrunning, which was a joint effort with Emmylou Harris. If you can pick up the dvd, I highly recommend it! I have also read a rumor that he will be out touring in 2010, so I'll be keeping a close eye on that news. If he does, I am going to do my very best to attend, and then I can construct my own unoffical fan page of him, as well!

     A major influence on me musically has been Patty Griffin, who is another excellent song writer/singer, and plays pretty darn good guitar as well.

Another of my favorite bands is, of course, Led Zeppelin -who can't appreciate Robert Plant's psychotic vocals and equally psychotic hair- partially because Zeppelin claims the participation of yet another phenomenal guitarist Jimmy Page.

Be sure to visit their official homepage via the link below.


Ok, I had a whole section built that was devoted to Christina Aguilera here, but it's gotten big enough that I've decided to make it basically into my personal Xtina/Baby Jane fan page. Take a look!


  I've also been a long time fan of Fiona Apple, especially of Tidal.

Click to View Rolling Stone's Fiona Apple Page

January 13, 2005

Another excellent musician to whose music I have just been introduced is Marc Broussard. I have not heard extensive selections of his songs as of yet, but I can tell you that "Home" kicks serious booty.

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