At The Track

I've finally acquired enough pictures from Tanacross that I've decided to devote a specific page to it. I will include pictures of me, Will, Caro, and Dad on here, as well as any other ones I want to include. It will be an everlasting work in progress as we attain new pictures and come across any old ones.


For starters, I'll post a few of the pictures that Rich Markgraf gave us that were taken over some span of time (years? months? I dunno...), and I'll start with the ones of Will:



And then there's lil'ol me. The rider you see in black and yellow leathers in front of me in a couple of them is Pam York. We chase each other around the track a lot, and it's resulted in both of us improving dramatically and having a blast while doing it.


Here are some pictures of my sister Caroline on her 2000 Yamaha R-6 (nicknamed "Frankenbike" because of the zip ties all across the front). She's really rockin on the track these days!


And last, more as a finale than anything, are some pictures of Dad and his group screamin' their way around the track.



There will eventually be more, and really there are; we just haven't bought any yet. You can, however, view them at Alaska Sports Photography. There are pictures of a lot of the racers at Tanacross here, and only a couple of me. But, there are several of Pam and Will, and a couple of Caroline, and they're all really cool!

News Flash!!!

For all who haven't yet heard, Pam and I are going to be attending the Kevin Schwanz Suzuki School in April of 2008! We are SOOOO stoked! I hope to get plenty of pictures from the trip to post here!


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