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Life After the Wedding
Thursday, September 6, 2007
Chromosome Theory

I have a theory: it is a fact that the female chromosome combination is xx, and the male combo is xy - I believe these combinations are what lead to the differences between men and women, and the differences between various men and those between various women. Essentially, x is the female, and she always says that life is "x", and the male, y, says just that: "why??" When two x's are combined, most of the time they agree "Life is just totally 'x'!" "I know, right?"

But then, typically about one week a month, they HATE each other. "Life is totally the right side 'x'! If you weren't a leftist moron, you'd realize that!" "You are totally the inferior 'x'!" And on it goes.

Then, when x and y are combined, various results can occur. If the y is very dominant and the x is rather submissive, the resulting man is very masculine and domineering. However, if x is one of the strong, assertive types, he is generally more respectful and understanding of women. When the x chromosome is very strong and dominant and it gets combined with a rather whiney sumbissive y, you wind up with a gay guy.

Sometimes, as I believe might be my case, you initially get an x and y chromosome pair, but the x is in a mood and wants nothing to do with y other than to thoroughly emasculate him, so she tears his tail off, bends it, and sews it back on to make him another x. So you wind up with me, who thinks about these things in depth first thing in the morning.

Scary? I personally find it kinda interesting...

Posted by ak/sarahbug at 8:52 AM YDT
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