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    I must admit that, along with awesome guitarists, I also have a profound enjoyment of talented female singers. The list is extensive, but I must, first and foremost, pay homage to the incredibly brilliant Christina Aguilera. Some may denounce her because of her individualistic clothing style or her interest in making her blonde hair jet black, but I choose to pay more attention to her music - from the fun, groovin' dance songs (Dirrty comes to mind) to the intensely gorgeous blues or soul (Walk Away... far and away my favorite). Here I must admit that I was not an admirer of hers at all after her first cd came out, but the first time I listened to Stripped, I became a Christina Aguilera fan through and through.

An important note: Christina Aguilera's new CD Back to Basics is due out on August 15, 2006! I can't wait to hear it!

August 20, 2006

Okay, official review from moi: this album freaking ROCKS!!! As much as I adore Stripped and live for songs like Fighter and Can't Hold Us Down, this album is even better! From the awesome, gospel-style Makes Me Wanna Pray to the excellent follow-up Still Dirrty on the first album of the two (yes I said TWO) cd set, to the contrast between the 20's burlesque of Nasty Naughty Boy (great stripping song), the hoppin' good fun of Candyman, the killer blues of Mercy On Me, and the heartbreaking piano of Hurt, I cannot get enough of this collection. I have to say that the second cd is definitely my favorite, but I'm thrilled that she chose to put out two cd's for this album rather than cutting it down to one, because the total experience of the two is excellent! Rock on, Christina!!

November 10, 2006

Alright, in follow-up to my rather over-the-top ecstatic review of Back To Basics, I must now announce that Caroline and I have bought TICKETS to her March 12, 2007, show in GM Place in Vancouver, B.C.!! We got them down on the floor for a great up-front view of the show, and I am SOOOOO excited to go! So, if you're at all interested, stay tuned for the stories and pictures I intend to bring back with me from this experience! See ya in Vancouver!


Here is Christina at the 2007 Grammy's singing James Brown's It's A Man's World - AMAZING


It's A Man's World Download
Click here to download your own copy of what you just saw, or didn't see if your connection isn't good enough...

March 19, 2007

Ok, so we're back from our vacation down to the states, and the whole trip was great, but the part I will share on this page will be ALL about Christina.
First off, the show was awesome!! Our seats were excellent, and the songs were, of course, amazing. I will not be able to remember the exact order of the songs, and I probably will forget to mention a couple that she did, but the ones that require the most mention won't be forgotten. The show started with the Pussy Cat Dolls, of whom I'm not an enormous fan, but they were alright, I guess. Here is my token photograph of them to blurrily prove that they were there:

I wasn't excessively impressed that only half the "band" actually sings, while the rest are there simply to dance. Ah well, their part of the show was kind of fun anyway and got us warmed up for the real deal. There was probably a 35 minute wait between the end of their opening act and the start of Christina's show, during which we could hear more setup going on behind the curtains on the stage and could hear her backup band warming up and tuning. The wait wouldn't really have been a problem if I wasn't paranoid that the show could start any second and so I probably didn't have time to go to the bathroom. Holding it was rather uncomfortable until the show started and I forgot all about it. I was too busy screaming and dancing and clapping.

  So, somewhat after 9pm, the lights went down and the music started. As with Stripped, the show started with her singing the Back To Basics Intro in a pre-recorded video played on the display screens.


Then the band started playing the loud brass intro to Ain't No Other Man, and she came onstage and belted her heart out - wow.


  Seems like she went on to Back In The Day from there.... and I know Understand was relatively early on as well.

              I think this a picture of her singing Slow Down Baby...


She did a slightly rewritten version of Come On Over in a more circus-style kind of sound, which was really fun, and did the same for Dirrty.


She wore a lacier version of her signature chaps for Still Dirrty, and merged the end of that song with part of Can't Hold Us Down, which rocked!!

              I love screaming along with that song...


She abducted an audience member, introduced as Mike, for Nasty Naughty Boy

which was quite entertaining, especially when his eyes would get big... heh. I was dancing with pretty much the whole show, but most of the audience seemed to break out dancing when she started Candyman, understandably - man that song is fun! I am thoroughly chagrined to discover that I did not, in fact, get any pictures of the Candyman performance, and it was so cool!!

I was thrilled that she sang Makes Me Wanna Pray because it's such a fun song (and I believe was the one she sang while on the piano... at least part of it...), but I was slightly disappointed she didn't do Mercy On Me, though I suppose you can only have so many of your favorites.


Welcome To The Circus was very impressive to watch, with dancers swinging from trapezes and spinning burning batons. If you blow up the picture a little, you can possibly see more detail - I know there are some people on trapezes, and you might be able to see the flame in the background... MAN I wish I'd had my digital...


  Two awesomely gorgeous performances were Mother and, of course, Hurt, with which the whole audience was singing, it sounded like. At the end she sang Beautiful, but instead of ending the show with that like I was expecting, she gave us the best surprise of the show by singing Fighter, which is certainly one of my all-time favorites from her. We came out of the show deaf and hoarse, and thoroughly satisfied. It lasted probably just over 90 minutes, but it flew by far too quickly.
Several people who'd been to more concerts told me that my digital camera would probably get confiscated if I took it with me, so instead I brought a crappy little disposable camera, and then observed everyone else with their nice digital cameras actually FILMING parts of the show. Not that I was toooooo horribly bitter... grrr... so the pictures are currently being edited slightly to try to make them somewhat clearer and make the people on the stage look more like people and less like bright little blobs. As you can see, I could only do so much - you can click on them to view the full sized versions, but they're still grainy... :(

Check out the concert write-up in Vancouver's National Post.

You can also head to Christina Crazy to get a look at some clearer, better close-ups of the Vancouver concert I went to.

Thank you Christina! You're INCREDIBLE!



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